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Do you yearn for more lift on your ZJ Grand to run that next larger tire size, but know that you're short little factory-length control arms are maxed out on angle, resulting in a jittery ride and/or Death Wobble? Thanks to a recent partnership with an industry leading Long-Arm kit manufacturer (Clayton's Offroad), we are able to offer you a Long Arm kit for your Grand Cherokee. Does the thought of driving your ZJ over rail road tracks send chills of fear up your spine? Have you lost fillings when driving through road construction? Does your ZJ go into convulsions when you hit a seam or pothole in the pavement? If so, then it's time for a long arm kit, my friend!!!

Long arm kits completely re-establish more correct geometry for your leading and trailing control arms, allowing a pillow-smooth ride over paved highways and offroad trails alike, as well as articulation galore. Imagine "floating" over the sections of washboard road that used to make your entire ZJ shake and chatter. My re-establishing new control arm locations and fitting your ZJ with longer control arms, the energy of the road imperfections are now transmitted directly into the springs and shock absorbers, where they belong...rather than being transmitted up the lower and upper stock control arms due to the poorly-placed control arm mounts on the "frame" for anything more than around 2.5-3.0" of lift.

You'll not believe the ride quality difference between long arms and short arms, and these packages also include an upgraded crossmember for offroad drivers who find themselves belly-up on rocks, as well as a triangulation of the rear axle upper control arms so that there is no need to run a rear track bar, which was necessary on earlier models, and makes the Jeep rock side-to-side when you hit speed-bumps. A perfect upgrade for these kits is to add on a beefy upgraded anti-sway bar (available below) to allow more precise cornering as well as a quicker response to your steering input through the steering wheel.

All "Bare-Bones" kits come with the following items: New control arm mounts, eight new adjustable-length control arms, a rear triangulated upper arm assembly, a new beefy crossmember, and addresses Death Wobble issues. You will need to source your own springs, shocks, track bar, etc, and are good from 4">8" of lift.

All "Packaged" kits come with EVERYTHING in the "Bare-Bones" kits above, and also include the following add-ons: a Hard-KOR adjustable front track bar with a set of upgraded Super-Durometer bushings for increased Death Wobble resistance, four new 6" lift coil springs, JKS anti-sway bar disconnects, and a lifetime warranty against bending the control arms.

Earn a 5% ($154.75) KOR Credit, if you purchase this product today!
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First person I have found that knows what he is talking...  —  John Kent
Hi Kevin, I have a '92 XJ and my Wife has a '98. You are the first person I have found that knows what he is talking about on death wobble. When my XJ started shaking I went to front-end shops and even a Jeep Dealer and got no help. Over 2 years I pretty much figured things out for myself. Everything I did helped. Replacing wear parts one at a...
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