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KOR-1179 Bushing upgrade kit (JKS-125, 126, 128, and 129 Only!!) If you have a track bar with bushings on both ends, please see our KOR-1199 kit.

All products in this kit are proudly American-Made! 

**This kit only includes two bushing halves, which will only service one end of a track bar. This is suitable for the track bars that have rubber or poly bushings on one end, and a johnny joint or flex joint on the other. If you do not currently have poly bushings in your track bar, you MUST purchase the 9906-HW kit to install these bushings or you will not have the proper bushing sleeve. For replacing bushings on both ends of the track bar, please click here

Due to the problem we were having with Death Wobble, we did some experimentation with stiffer aftermarket track bar bushings, and found we were able to cure the Death Wobble on our test rig after they were installed.  Armed with this knowledge, Kevin found a polyurethane molding company who was willing to build a mold and pour us the hardest track bar bushings that least 25% stiffer than the STIFFEST ones that we had the early success with...which will work in track bars built by Jeep/Mopar/Dodge, as well as MANY different aftermarket track bar manufacturers, so long as that bar has the "standard aftermarket track bar end-loop size", which measures 1-1/2" Inside Diameter and has a width of 1-3/16". Measure your bar to see if it will fits many different aftermarket bars, as well as our Track Bar Conversion.  This is perhaps the least expensive way to tighten up your steering system, removing slop, and perhaps even cure Death Wobble at the same time!

  The result has been superior.  We have been able to cure our customer's Death Wobble in most all cases with our SuperDurometer bushings, a new Hard-KOR steering stabilizer, and a proper alignment.

If you could cure your Death Wobble problems for under $100, would you feel that was good investment? Many, MANY customers think so, and write to us to tell us so, and to thank us for creating such a product.

**Conventional petroleum-based lubricant or grease must NOT be used to lube or install poly bushings. These products will break down the polyurethane prematurely causing bushing failure. Please use only Synthetic Silicone/Teflon lubricant, such as our KOR-1109 lube or a similar product from a poly bushing manufacturer.** 

**Please note: These bushings are NOT compatible with the factory track bar on 2008+ Dodge trucks, due to a change in the bushing size.**

**A note about retrofitting your ORGS, JKS, or other aftermarket track bar with our Super-Durometer bushings mentioned above: Many factory and aftermarket track bars come with rubber press-fit cartridge-style bushings installed, rather than the easily-replaceable method of using two poly bushing halves, inserted from each side of the end loop, and then sliding the included steel sleeve inside the bushings.  If you have the rubber-cartridge style bushings, then you cannot use the Super-Durometer 75D bushings without first removing that rubber cartridge bushing completely from your bar.  If you have one of these bars, then please order up the 9906-HW kit as well, which includes the thick steel sleeves.

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  • Star Rating
    By: Richard Young August 25, 2015
    Well I got the KOR hard bushing and stabilizer installed. And WOW what a difference the whole steering feels way tighter and more responsive and just all around so much better. I bought these both at the same time due to my bump steer problem and it cured it almost completely with these two things. Thank you guys for an awesome product. Still have a tiny shimmy but it's 95% better.
  • Star Rating
    By: Lance Tytula December 12, 2014
    I would just like to let you know how pleased I am with the product I ordered from you. I have been able to install the bushing and sleeve kit and even before installing the brace , the 4 bushing kit got rid of my death wobble. That is the second time I've changed these bushings and six months of dealing with death wobble. Thank you so much for your product and I will 100% be telling everyone about your product!! Especially the dodge dealerships in town as they didn't even know how to fix them.
  • Star Rating
    By: Justin Dodd September 28, 2014
    We got the WJ in the shop and installed those bushings and WOW! What a difference. Those bushings removed the last bit of play from the front end. I was shocked to see just how soft the bushing was that was part of the XXXX XXXXXXX kit.

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