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This kit contains all the parts necessary to remove the factory tie rod on your JK Wrangler and bolt on this upgrade kit.

The JK Tie Rod Upgrade kit offers:

· Straight Tie Rod from wheel to wheel
· Solid, 1.375"Ě heat treated chromoly
· Tie rod position raised nearly 1"Ě over stock
· Reduces "Floaty" feeling associated with stock steering
· Includes new Spicer tie rod ends
· Easily adjust toe by spinning tie rod
· All parts E-coated black for rust prevention

The straight tie rod ability is accomplished by utilizing a relocation bracket on the steering knuckles similar to the design proven on our U-Turn kit for the TJ/XJ/ZJ. This bracket allows the tie rod ends position to be moved forward and this allows for a straight tie rod from wheel to wheel. The new position also raises the tie rod almost 1" over the stock position.

This is a 100% bolt on kit and is 100% reversable to stock as well as removable for easy resale.

Please note: IF Your JK has a bolt on steering stabilizer bracket, you will need to transfer that to the new tie rod, to retain the stock stabilizer in the stock position.
An easy fix for the stabilizer is to utilize the Steering Stabilizer Relocation kit, available separately on our website, part number OGS-162

Earn a 5% ($21.00) KOR Credit, if you purchase this product today!
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Itís a work of art  —  Dave Letcher
After buying a track bar from another company, which banged into my pumpkin during use, I came across your website. I purchased a Track Bar Conversion, both bar and bracket. Itís a work of art. I will check your company first before looking elsewhere for something I need. I use my Cherokee for pre-running so I need good parts. Thanks again, Dave
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Ordered a death wobble kit  —  Guy Lovelace
Recently I ordered a death wobble kit for my 2008 wrangler. Just wanted to let you know my mechanic was impressed to say the least. He said I should send you a shout out at for your quality, he does not easily impress. I told him that if the slim chance it doesn't work you will work with him. Again thank you.
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