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We are thrilled to announce the release of the KevinsOffroad Signature line of OE replacement off-road racing suspension seats, manufactured in Arizona, and shipped both Domestically, or Internationally. The seating surfaces of our OE replacement seats are made from extremely durable, stain and water resistant fabric, which is easy to keep clean. We selected a dark enough color fabric that they won't show much dirt, even after years of use and abuse, or we can do custom colors if you send us samples of the color you want.  They come individually (left or right) for the price you see listed, and include $125 worth of mounting brackets, so you can use your factory seat slides.

On the way to and back from Grand Slam West 2010, held in Moab, UT, I was EXTREMELY impressed with how comfortable they were. I've been to Moab probably 20 times over the last 12 years, and have NEVER had such a comfortable ride up and back! These replacement racing seats cradled my backside amazingly well, were supportive, and this is the first time I've ever made the trip that I *DIDN'T* have a cramp in my right leg or needed to stop every few hours to stretch.

One of my FAVORITE by-products of having these seats, is that I now how an extra inch to 1-1/2" of leg room! You sit back into the seatback more than the factory seats, due to the design, which means that you can get further away from the steering wheel and give yourself some additional leg room that you'd NEVER get sitting in the factory OE seats! It's not just that the seats go back further on the's that the back is thinner, which means that your rear passengers will also have more leg room at the same time!

Check out more photos of this great upgrade on our Facebook profile (

Our seat frames are built out of durable steel tubing, welded, and then upholstered with your choice of tan or gray surrounding vinyl. They are actually lighter than the factory OE seats due to the design, and WAY more comfortable.

These things are beautiful, and even better than good-looking, they are SUPER cushy!! Here are some comments from some customers who have allowed their backsides the pleasure...

"I sat in these at Grand Slam West 2010 - can't say enough good about them! Crazy comfy!!!! " - Jim Karlin -

"Me too, and they are insanely comfy...I want a set!"- John Brewer -
High-back bolsters to keep you from bouncing around during off-road maneuvers Easy exit/entry points that other racing-style seats won't have Durable fabric which is liquid resistant Dense seating surface foam for extra comfort Nearly 2-inches additional leg room for the driver A truly GREAT looking modification to your Jeep 60-day Return Policy - Love them, or get your money back!!*

These will be shipped from our Phoenix, Arizona location, and are Oversized. We will attempt to keep some on the shelf, ready to ship, after we get through our initial rush of orders taking advantage of the introductory price. We're only going to do the intro price for a few weeks, so get them ordered up before you miss out on the savings!

*60-Day "Love It Or Else" Policy: If you're not in love with these things after the first 30 days, you have up to 60 days to get a full refund of your purchase price, less freight, on our no-questions-asked 60-day return policy. Love It Or Else, indeed!

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Keep up the good work  —  Mark A. Kennedy (Crosscut)
Hi Kevin — You’ve got yourself a great product with your LP-1′s — I put your skids on my 93 Grand (5″ lift w/32′s) last summer before my son (98TJ) and I took our Jeeps out west to Colorado and Moab for 10 days. Great adventure for a couple Hoosier boys. Your Rock sliders are probably the best investment I could of made for my...
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1996 Grand Cherokee  —  Edward S. Wheeler
I first heard of Kevin on the Jeeps Unlimited message board, and within a couple of days decided to order a set of his Rock sliders for my 1996 Grand Cherokee. Upon receiving them, I was very impressed with the simple yet strong design, the heavy duty materials, and the quality of the construction. I painted them with POR-15, and installed them in...
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