ProComp Bypass Shock EXP-4206 14″ Travel Bypass Shock Pair

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ProComp EXP-4206 Bypass Shocks

We have TWO pairs of TWO each (FOUR TOTAL, priced above per pair) brand new ProComp 14″ Travel Medium-Valved Bypass shocks, which are brand new, in the box.  Retail is $175 each, and normal everyday website price is $149.97 each at .  You pay only $142.50 each!  AND, our price not only includes FREE SHIPPING (a $25 value) but also Includes both reservoir clamp kits…the standard loop clamps for attaching the reservoir to the body or frame, and the upgraded 63013 sandwich clamps, which attach the reservoir to the shock body, which is an additional $40 value which is included in the price.  If you purchased these elsewhere, you’re paying $185 EACH after shipping, which is an $170 savings on the set of four.

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If you’re running long arms and a lot of lift, and want the most flex you can possibly get under a ZJ or WJ, these shocks may work out great for you.


  • 14″ Travel Bypass loop/loop configuration
  • 35.17″ Extended Length
  • 21.17″ Compressed Length

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If you’re wanting all four of them, add Quantity “2” to the cart.  Price above is the per-pair price.

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