NEW IMPROVED DESIGN: As of January 2010, all of our WJ Rocker Guards ( WJ Rock Sliders ) will be manufactured with a 2" wider stance, which will hold your door 2" further off the rocks and trees than our previous design would have.  We have included this benefit at no additional charge, to thank you, our loyal customers, for your support and loyalty!

As you can see from the photo, the Hard-KOR Extreme Duty Rocker Panel Protection WJ model Grand Cherokee Rock Sliders leading and trailing edges stick out from the body at a 45 degree angle, so if there is a rock that your tire has just dropped over, you will not get caught on it, as this design allows the Rocker Panel Protection Sliders to lift the Jeep up and over obstacles.  

Hey Kevin, got a set of your WJ Nerf Bars / Rocker Guards seven years ago and am still beaten the sh***t out of them.  Your products are so good that it doesn't need to be replaced.  7 years and two builds on my Jeep, your Hard-KOR Rocker Guards are the only thing I haven't upgraded and I HAMMER them.  Current Score: Rubicon-0 Fordyce-0 Barrett-0 KOR Sliders-7  Your Rocker Panel Rock Sliders ROCK!!!!! Thanks, Todd from Nor Cal

Note: There is now a round tube WJ Grand Cherokee Rock Sliders version available.  Click here to check them out.

 From this angle, you can just barely see the 3" gap between the two main rails.  This allows for a non-slip notch for you to insert a Hi-Lift jack anywhere along the underside of the slider to lift the Jeep up for changing a tire, getting un-stuck, or just to show off for your friends (just kidding).  Our Hard-KOR Extreme Duty Round and Square Tube WJ Rocker Guards will go on a Limited model Grand Cherokee without any additional modifications.  However, the WJ Grand Cherokee Laredo model will require trimming and/or removal of the lower body cladding.  (My recommendation for Laredo owners is to remove the lower cladding to install the Grand Cherokee Rock Sliders without having to trim anything.  Then, if you ever decide to sell the Jeep, you can take the WJ Rocker Guards off and reinstall the cladding.)

I had several people e-mail me about our design who were asking for a model that doesn't have the lateral protection bar on the outside, so that you're able to bolt them on without modification of the lower cladding on the WJ Laredo and WJ Overland model Grand Cherokees.  So, now there are two versions that you can buy for your WJ.  The Heavy Duty Lateral Clearance WJ Rocker Panel Protection Sliders are built to eliminate having to trim or remove the cladding and fits INSIDE the cladding, hanging down about 3/4"~1" lower than the cladding.

    The LC2 model protects from underneath, and offers an extra 4" of clearance per side when compared to the LP2 model for those really tight trails.  These, of course, are not Hi-Lift-able like the LP1 version, but you could surely get a stock bottle jack under them and the surface you are on.  Both versions of WJ Grand Cherokee Rock Sliders were designed with maximum ground clearance in mind: the lowest point on both versions is still above the transmission cross member, so no ground clearance is lost.

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