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Specializing exclusively in *HIGH-END QUALITY* Jeep Parts & Accessories since 1999

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Ultimate 2.5" lift kit for WJs

If you are looking for a 31"~32" tall tire and need a lift to run with it, you can't beat the value of this 2-1/2" budget boost system.  These poly spacers are made specifically to Kevin's specifications, use the highest quality polyurethane material and molding process available, and come with a *Lifetime Warranty* against cracking, splitting, chipping, discoloration...pretty much anything you can throw at them.  Keeping the "BFYB" ratio in high gear, here is my "ultimate short-arm system", giving you the best Bang-For-Your-Buck possible, and the finest quality available ANYWHERE. 

  • Lifetime Warranty! Guaranteed to NEVER split, crack, dry out, or decay!
  • Includes four coil spring spacers to retain the stock ride quality
  • Your choice of ONLY HIGH QUALITY Extended-length shocks
  • Retains stock control arms for ride comfort and cost savings
  • Extended brake lines not needed (no bleeding brakes)
  • Optional Adjustable Front Track Bar Configuration
  • Retains 99% of the stock factory ride quality
  • Safely fit 30.5" tires without trimming
  • Fit 31.5" tires with minor trimming
  • Optional JKS Quick Disconnects
  • Optional bump stop extensions
  • WJ Leveling Kits sold HERE
  • Click HERE for instructions

Note: If you are running factory shocks, or if your aftermarket shocks are less than 21.5" extended in the rear and 21" extended in the front,  you'll need longer front and rear shocks when going from stock height to 2.5" of lift.

SPECIAL NOTE: When comparing prices of lift kits, make sure to compare quality also.  Nothing is worse than thinking you're purchasing one thing, getting a good deal on it, and finding out later than you need to add a bunch of stuff to make it complete.  I wrote a BLOG post HERE about suspension design, and the "cheapie/loss-leader" budget kits out there.  Make sure to look before you leap! You'll spend the same total amount later, once you figure out what your "budget" kit was missing.


More pix in the CLUB


Ultimate 2.5" Package

Ultimate 4" Package






If you'd like your WJ more level, opt for the 2.0" rear spacers.  If you carry heavy stuff in the back, select the 2.5" rear spacers.

 (please help me keep costs low by shipping to a business address if possible).

Ultimate 2.5" Leveling Lift Kit for WJs

Applications Retail Price Sale Price
...with MX-6 Way Adjustable Shocks $925.95 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
...with Bilstein Mono-Tube Shocks $871.53 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
...with OME NitroCharger Shocks $863.55 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
...with ROH Run-Of-The-House Shocks $691.61 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
Ultimate 2.50" Front & 2.5" Rear WJ Coil spring spacers (no shocks inc.) $318.97 Check Price in New Shopping Cart

Options for Ultimate Kits (shipping addl.)

Hard-KOR WJ Bump Stop Extensions (highly recommended for tires taller than 30.5") $76 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar $160 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
2-1/4" A-Arm spacer to return rear A-arm back to stock degree of angle (with all hardware included) (highly recommended for lifts greater than 2.0" for proper A-arm phasing and proper wear patterns) $157.27 Check Price in New Shopping Cart
JKS Adjustable Sway Bar Discos $163.00 Check Price in New Shopping Cart

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