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WJ Tie Rod Assembly Install



The end to your Tie Rod Bending problems on your WJ!!

Tools you'll need:

Pipe Wrench

17mm socket and ratchet


WD40 or penetrating oil

Large Crescent Wrench


Removing the old parts are going to be the hardest for you to do.  I recommend soaking the tie rod ends and all three clamps on the tie rod (including the steering stabilizer clamp) with penetrating oil the day you purchase the tie rod, and then every other day afterward until you soak it probably three or four times.  This will go MILES in assisting you in getting the thing off of there when you do the install.

Remove the three clamps on the tie rod: two outers and one stabilizer clamp.  Thread on the new jamb nuts, one right and one left hand threaded onto the factory tie rod ends, then slowly thread the ends into the new tie rod.  Make certain to keep the tie rod end threads nearly equal on both sides.  Having a friend help you is the best way to do this.  Tighten down the jamb nuts and have the Jeep towed to the best local alignment shop you can find.  Set the toe-in to factory specs (3/16") unless you have Death Wobble, and if you do, slowly work your way out from there.  You can also pay the alignment shop to check your settings BEFORE you start working on it, record those settings, then take it back to them and have them reset it to your previous settings.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Inspect EVERYTHING before you drive it!!  If you cause an accident because you get Death Wobble (which is VERY likely if you don't have the toe-in set correctly), your tie rod won't do your Jeep much good.  Safety FIRST!!!



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